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LED Incident / Accident Display

Product parameters  
LED Display Seven segment
Digit Size 4" / Customised
Life span Average > 10,000 Hrs
Power consumption < 50 W
Display format DDDD : HH:MM:SS / Customised
Viewing Angle Wide viewing angle Greater than 100 Deg
Input IR Remote control / RS 232 / RS 485
Battery Back up for time keeping and system parameters in event of power failure
Side panel Aluminium extrusion
Side panel thickness 40mm
Front Panel 3 mm Acrylic with printing sticker
Mounting Wall


Digital LED display allow company to display Accident free days, to highlight health and safety standards within the organization. At a glance the number of days free of accidents and previous best free days can be shown to staff as a target to enhance work safety.

The most popular operation is DAYS WITHOUT ACCIDENT LED Display window which increases by one every 24 hours automatically.

Display can be customized base on customers requirement

Guide to select Size of display as per your viewing distance