LED Azan Pray Time Display Manufacturers / Suppliers

LED Azan Pray Time Display

Product parameters  
LED Display Seven segment
Digit Size 0.56" / 1 "/ 2.3" / 4"/ Customised
Life span Average > 10,000 Hrs
Power consumption < 50 W
Display format Customised
Voltage 220 – 240 V / 50 Hz
Input IR Remote control / RS 232 / RS 485
Battery Back up for time keeping and system parameters in event of power failure
Side panel Aluminium extrusion
Side panel thickness 40mm
Front Panel 3 mm Acrylic with printing sticker
Mounting Wall


It can run date and time automatically ( also can be corrected by Remote control )

Display can be customized base on customers requirement


Displays 10 pray time and the sunrise time